Choose a Reliable Safe Operator

Safety is our foremost concern, and our primary objective is to ensure your safe journey to the summit. We prioritize your well-being above all else when selecting a Kilimanjaro company to guide you on this adventure. What sets us apart is our commitment to safety and the expertise of our mountain crew.

Our guides are chosen meticulously based on their professionalism, training, and extensive experience. Comprising only the most qualified and knowledgeable local guides, our team members have spent years traversing the trails of Kilimanjaro. Fluent in English, they go beyond being just guides; they become your trusted companions by the end of your trek.

To guarantee an optimal experience, we invest in the continuous education and medical training of our guides, who are all certified Wilderness First Responders. Some have been with us for over a decade, successfully summiting Kilimanjaro more than 300 times. This dedication to safety and expertise sets us apart from operators who do not share our values.

Mid-Range & Luxury Operators

As you research Kilimanjaro operators, many claim to have the best guides or be the top company, making it challenging to decide. Our advice is to choose a company that prioritizes safety and has a reputable track record. The best guides are found in the best companies, and with our extensive experience, we take pride in being a safe operator.

Budget Operator

For those considering budget operators on Kilimanjaro, it’s crucial to note that the majority prioritize cost over safety. These operators lack proper medical training and experience, potentially jeopardizing your safety. Choosing them might save a few dollars, but it puts you at risk of altitude sickness and other dangers. Additionally, low-cost operators often lack knowledge about the porters they hire, leading to potential issues with dishonest or inexperienced porters.

Guides & Porters

At Kilimanjaro Sunrise, we ensure fair treatment of guides and porters, addressing the significant problem of porter abuse on the mountain. As members of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP), we actively support socially responsible Kilimanjaro climbs, promoting fair and ethical treatment of porters through public awareness, assistance to climbing companies, gear lending, and educational programs.


Emphasizing the need to choose a safe operator extends beyond Kilimanjaro to Tanzanian travel in general. We recommend using safety measures like money belts, exercising caution in urban areas, and traveling in small groups, particularly after dark.

Regarding safety on Kilimanjaro, your well-being remains our top priority. Our experienced guides, equipped with Wilderness First Responder certification, act as mountain doctors and have the authority to decide if it’s safe for you to continue to the summit. We reserve the right to make changes or cancellations based on safety and security concerns.

To address potential health issues, we conduct daily health checks and emphasize preventive measures against altitude sickness and other illnesses. Our commitment to safety extends to the use of proven backcountry gear, including specially manufactured tents, reliable sleeping bags, and carefully inspected trekking poles.


Our locally sourced, non-genetically modified, and preservative-free food is prepared by trained chefs. Special dietary needs such as gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and kosher options are accommodated with advance notice.


Lodging in Arusha, both before and after the climb, is included in the climb price, with the option to book additional nights for recovery or in case of travel delays. The lodges offer a safe and scenic environment, providing a pleasant start and end to your Kilimanjaro journey. Breakfast is covered, while additional meals and drinks are available at an extra cost.

For those seeking a more luxurious experience, we can arrange lodging at another hotel for an additional fee. Your safety and comfort are paramount throughout your entire Kilimanjaro experience.

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