Can You Climb Kilimanjaro in December?

Those of you who have done your homework will know this is a silly question. Those of you that haven’t done your research may be confused by the first sentence. This will compel you to either Google the question or continue reading.

Climb Kilimanjaro in December

Can You Climb Kilimanjaro in December?

The answer is yes. Do we recommend it? It depends on when in December you want to climb. If it is from mid-December through the end of the year, then yes that is a good time to climb. We even offer Christmas and New Year’s Eve summits on our group climb calendar.

So why do people ask this question?

climb Kilimanjaro in December

Again, it goes back to research. First of all, you need to know that Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania. It is also in Africa and it is south of the Equator, albeit near the Equator.

How is this relevant?

Since it is south of the Equator, December is actually summer in Tanzania. However, Tanzania doesn’t have four typical seasons. Rather it has two rainy seasons and two dry seasons. The two dry seasons are December through Mid-March and June through October. The two rainy seasons are Mid-March through the end of May and November. So this brings up another point, climbing Kilimanjaro in December is fine, but the second half of the month has less potential for rain since it is further away from the short rainy season.

Weather Patterns

Climb Kilimanjaro in December

Incidentally, Kilimanjaro is a very tall mountain. 19,341 to be exact. This fact contributes to Kilimanjaro creating its own weather patterns.

On a side note, yes, you’ll need to dress warmly to climb Kilimanjaro, even in the summer. It gets below freezing at the summit. Yes, people have asked that.

When are the Best Months to Climb Kilimanjaro?

Climb Kilimanjaro

We are glad you asked. December is a good month to climb Kilimanjaro, but what are the best months to climb? Take a look at the table below to see those months.

good January Warm Medium Low High
good February Warm Medium Low High
okay March Moderate High Medium Low
bad April Moderate High High Low
bad May Moderate High High Low
okay June Cold Medium Medium Medium
good July Cold Medium Low High
good August Cold Low Low High
good September Moderate Low Low High
good October Moderate Low Medium Medium
bad November Moderate High Medium Low
okay December Moderate Medium Medium Medium
good Best okay Okay bad Not Recommended

Final thoughts

Climbing in December is actually a good time to go. It falls after the short rainy season and fewer people are climbing. Also, if you plan it well, you do not have to use as many vacation days if you work it around the Christmas and New Years Holidays.

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