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S ince you are here, you are probably considering climbing Kilimanjaro. It may be overwhelming when it comes to planning your trip to Tanzania. But don’t worry, if you choose Kilimanjaro Sunrise for your Kilimanjaro climb, we will ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Together, we can make your trip the adventure of a lifetime.


Why Should You Climb Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro Sunrise is a newer company. However, the staff, guides, porters, and the owner are not new to trekking, especially on Kilimanjaro. Our Managing Partner, a Marine Corps Veteran, has many years of experience helping people safely climb Kilimanjaro. He has climbed Kilimanjaro more than once and even during COVID, so he knows the ins and outs of traveling during a pandemic.

Additionally, Kilimanjaro Sunrise’s Operations Manager in Arusha is a second-generation trekking company manager. His office and local staff have an awe-inspiring operation in Tanzania. He has personally selected and trained the guides and porters that will be accompanying you on your adventure. Since he is second-generation he, his wife, and his father have fine-tuned the Kilimanjaro climb and Tanzania Safaris to go as smoothly as possible. If something has not gone exactly perfect with a previous client he has adjusted and made sure it doesn’t happen again.

You will see the difference when you climb with us. If you don’t choose us, when you are on the mountain, we are confident you’ll see how professional, meticulous, and prepared our mountain teams are.

Don’t leave your adventure and ultimately your life in the hands of those who are unprepared or inexperienced.


How can we boast of such amazing service? We have seen various levels of service, quality of equipment, and food and took that information and created a climbing adventure that exceeds other mid-range companies. We have listened to the feedback from past clients and used that information to improve our service.

Our guides are Wilderness First Responder certified. They have been climbing Kilimanjaro for more than 10 years and well over 300 times. In addition to the guides and assistant guide(s), our senior porters accompany our clients on summit night. Even our chefs get annual training to ensure the meals are nutritious and exceed expectations.

We covered all our clients with AMREF Flying Doctors evacuation insurance. We can transport someone quickly by helicopter off of the mountain and to the hospital in case of a serious emergency.

If a client so chooses, they can also rent ALTOX Personal Oxygen Systems which can reduce symptoms of altitude sickness.


Our equipment, like our tents, is specifically made for us. For example, we have had the zippers reinforced to withstand the harsh Kilimanjaro environment. Furthermore, the tent has been specifically created to wick moisture from the sleeping area into the vestibule so you’ll stay warm and dry on the entire trip.


The meals we serve are fresh and hot. All the food is locally grown and is non-GMO. Many companies serve box lunches that can be unsatisfying. Ours are varied, healthy, and hearty. Our mountain chefs go to annual training to keep up with food trends and constantly learn new and better ways to feed our clients.


We are a partner with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) – a non-profit organization that monitors Kilimanjaro operators to protect the welfare of porters. Porter abuse is an ongoing problem on the mountain. Many Kilimanjaro operators underpay, underfeed, and overload their porters—while claiming they treat their porters well. The only way to make sure your operator isn’t part of the problem is to climb with a KPAP Partner Company.

We are also a member of Leave No Trace. If you see a rock cairn on the mountain we encourage you to topple it since it is not supposed to be there. Leaving it there will encourage others to also “deface” nature. Moving rocks disturbs the soil and makes the area more prone to erosion. Building rock cairns also disturbs the fragile vegetation and micro-ecosystems.


One of our main goals is to offer the highest quality services, staff, and equipment at a reasonable price. See for yourself how much different we are.


We are located in the United States. However, our clients come from around the world—such as Canada, the United Kingdom, other European Countries, and Australia.

Contact us today and let’s get started on your adventure of a lifetime. Choose Kilimanjaro Sunrise, and you’ll see the difference.

Dana John Wentzel,
Managing Partner

Read why he started Kilimanjaro Sunrise.

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