Yes, a regular person can climb Kilimanjaro with proper preparation, training, and support. Kilimanjaro is considered a non-technical mountain, meaning that it does not require specialized climbing skills or equipment. However, climbing Kilimanjaro is still a challenging and physically demanding undertaking that requires careful planning and preparation.

One of the most important factors in successfully climbing Kilimanjaro is physical fitness. Climbers should be in good overall health and fitness, with the ability to hike for several hours at a time and at high altitudes. It is also important to engage in regular physical activity in the months leading up to the climb, such as hiking, running, or cycling, in order to build strength and endurance.

In addition to physical fitness, climbers should also be prepared for the altitude and climate on Kilimanjaro. The high altitude and cold temperatures can be challenging for even the most experienced climbers, and climbers should take the time to acclimatize properly in order to avoid altitude sickness. This can include using acclimatization exercises such as sleeping in high-altitude environments or using an altitude training mask.

Finally, climbers should consider hiring a reputable guide or tour operator to provide support and guidance during the climb. A knowledgeable guide can help with acclimatization, monitor for signs of altitude sickness, and provide essential information about the trek and the surrounding environment.

Ultimately, while climbing Kilimanjaro can be a challenging and demanding experience, it is possible for a regular person with the proper preparation, training, and support to successfully summit the mountain and experience the beauty and majesty of this iconic peak.