What Bags Should I Bring for Kilimanjaro?

For your Mount Kilimanjaro climb in Tanzania, we suggest having three types of bags:

Suitcase for KilimanjaroSuitcase or Large Travel Bag

Your first bag should be a suitcase or a large travel bag that you can check-in. This bag will be used to transport your belongings during your flight. Inside this bag, you can roll up your 90-liter duffel bag, which will be used later during the climb.

daypack for Kilimanjaro30-35-Liter Daypack

You will also need a 30-35-liter daypack. This bag will serve as your carry-on for the flight and will also be used as your day pack on the mountain. It should be spacious enough to hold your essential items during the climb.

duffel bag for Kilimanjaro70-90-Liter Duffel Bag

Another bag you should bring is a 70-90-liter duffel bag. This bag will be used to store items that you will need at the camp during your climb. The porters will carry this bag for you and it will be placed inside a large water-resistant bag. You can rent this duffel bag during the trip briefing.

By having these three bags – a suitcase, a daypack, and a duffel bag – you will be well-prepared for your Mount Kilimanjaro adventure in Tanzania.