The best time to climb Kilimanjaro is during the dry seasons, which are generally from December to March and from June to October. During these months, there is less rainfall and the weather is generally drier and more stable, with clearer skies and better visibility.

June to October is considered the best time to climb Kilimanjaro, as it is the peak season with the most favorable weather conditions. The temperatures are typically cooler, with less rainfall and less humidity, making for clearer skies and better views. This is also the busiest time on the mountain, so you can expect more crowds and higher prices.

December to March is also a good time to climb Kilimanjaro, particularly in the early part of the year. While temperatures are generally warmer during this period, there is still a lower chance of rainfall, and the mountain is typically less crowded.

It’s important to note that Kilimanjaro can be climbed year-round, but the weather and climbing conditions can vary greatly depending on the season. Climbers should be prepared for a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, regardless of the time of year they choose to climb.