Kilimanjaro Review: Mammut Ducan High GTX Hiking Boot

After reading our review of the hiking shoe we recommend, you realize that you also need a taller waterproof boot. You’ll need them for the summit in case there is a lot of snow and to keep your feet warm and dry. You may also need them on days that there is substantial rain.

Mammut Ducan High GTX Boot on Kilimanjaro Review
Mammut Ducan GTX on Kilimanjaro’s Summit

Unfortunately, you don’t know the first thing about hiking boots. You are more of a trail runner hiker and the thought of wearing big old boots is unappealing. Don’t stress out! Boot technology has come a long way. There are amazing boots by Salomon, Salewa, La Sportiva, and Lowa, just to name a few. However, in this article, I am going to cover the Mammut Ducan High GTX Men’s hiking boot.

The first time I summited Kilimanjaro, I wore a pair of used North Face boots that I picked up at an REI Garage Sale. They were sufficient to keep out the snow and cold and were relatively comfortable. But that was several years ago and I felt like I need a new pair of boots. I went researching reviews for trekking boots that are made for wider feet. I am a size 10.5-11 and usually size up to 11.5 to keep my toenails.

Furthermore, as I said in my blog about the Adidas, I wear an Injinji toe sock for liners, and with these boots a mid-calf light hiker from Thorlo. I don’t change my sock combination, because I did a lot of variations of socks both in the Marine Corps and throughout my many years of canyoneering, ultralight backpacking, and hiking and have found this combination works best for me. You need to experiment to see what works for you. The Injinji toe socks do take some getting used to.

Getting back to the Mammut boot, I found several reviews that said they were very comfortable so I gave them a shot.

Mammut Ducan High GTX Men Hiking Boot Kilimanjaro Review

This is my personal experience with their Ducan High GTX men’s hiking boot, Mammut is not paying me for my review. Also, they do come in a women’s version, but I cannot tell you how those perform either.

Even before I headed to Tanzania I wore these boots hiking in the desert usually about 4-6 miles twice a week. I took them up north and hiked up a 12,000 mountain there. They were very comfortable.

I did say previously that I have wide feet. These boots are made for regular feet so I had to lace them for wide feet (see picture). But I didn’t get any rubbing or hot spots, both while training and on my trek.

How to Lace for Wide Feet
How to Lace for Wide Feet

Ducan High GTX Men Product Description

Innovative technical hiking shoe

A super-sporty and agile hiking shoe for multi-day outings, trekking excursions, or fast-paced hikes in the mountains, incorporating the benefits of cutting-edge production techniques. The core of the Ducan High GTX® Men is the Mammut Flextron technology which integrates a spring-steel sole as a midsole in the shoe. This prevents deflection of the foot while at the same time providing improved vertical support. The result: more efficient use of energy on hikes and climbs. Mammut Georganic 3D technology ensures the natural movement of the foot. The geometric-dynamic design is combined with cuts tailored organically to the foot. The focal point is the anatomical last which, together with the asymmetric lacing and mono-tongue for one-sided entry, provides a very good fit. With the specially designed Vibram® sole, the Ducan High GTX® Men will bring you outstanding grip on uneven terrain in the world of nature and the mountains.


  • Weight (Size 9 US/UK 8.5) 19.22 ounces (545 grams)
  • Flex index A6
  • Lace system Asymetric
  • Soles Vibram® Flextron
  • Material Double Layer Engineered Mesh
  • Lining GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Footwear
  • Cut Basic
  • Elastic GORE-TEX® tongue construction
  • Mammut Flextron Technology™
  • Engineered Mesh
  • Mammut Georganic 3D Technology
  • Vibram® Flextron Outsole

How’d They Do on Kilimanjaro?

Summit night is the longest day on the mountain, with the most hiking both up and down. I found these to really fit nice, were lightweight, and warm. The size 11.5 US weighs 2 pounds 11.6 ounces. I did replace their insoles with Superfeet Trailblazer insoles for better arch support so I am not sure how their insoles do.

The boots performed great on both the uphill switchbacks and the long scree downhill. My toes did not hit the front on the steep descent.

I would definitely recommend these boots for Kilimanjaro. If you need ankle support they do hug your ankles well. The Vibram soles stick quite well to the rocks and scree. Unfortunately. I didn’t really get to try them in the snow since there wasn’t enough at the summit to walk through. If the snow is deep we do recommend bringing gaiters to couple with the boot for more protection from the wet and snow.

Final Thoughts on the Mammut Ducan Hign GTX Hiking Boot

My overall rating of the boot is inconclusive. From what I have seen I would give it a 5-star review. It is a well-made boot, comfortable and warm. However, without actually getting into any snow, I can’t for sure say they would work well to keep moisture out. I’m sure they would do great—they are Goretex after all. Hopefully, if you choose to get them, they will do a good job keeping the snow and moisture out.

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