What are the Accommodations on Kilimanjaro?

If you’ve been researching your Kilimanjaro climb, chances are you’ve imagined yourself sleeping in a tent atop the mountain. However, the reality about the accommodations on Kilimanjaro is a bit more varied depending on your route.

tents on Kilimanjaro

Double Occupancy

Keep in mind that our bookings are based on double occupancy.

double occupancy tents on Kilimanjaro
Our double occupancy tent

If you want a room or tent for yourself, we can arrange that. There is a single supplement cost. If you are a single traveler and booked a group climb without a single supplement, you may be sharing accommodations with another person of the same gender.


Yes, you’ll likely spend your nights in a tent, but not just any tent. Our accommodations include Kailas 4-person all-season tents, designed to withstand the rigors of Everest. While Kilimanjaro’s environment isn’t as extreme, our tents ensure warmth and dryness, sparing you discomfort.

accommodations on Kilimanjaro
Our tents on Kilimanjaro

There is plenty of space for two people to move around in. Plus, there is also more than enough space for your gear.

For a glimpse into their quality, these are the same tents used by Nirmal Purja in his remarkable journey featured in the Netflix film “14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible.”

The tents are equipped with window screens for airflow without bugs. They’re designed to draw moisture away from the sleeping area. We chose these tents to prioritize your comfort and well-being.

Opting for a single supplement means a slightly smaller tent, yet still cozy with ample gear storage and a vestibule for washing up and storing wet gear.

single supplement tent
Single supplement tent


Our tents hail from Kailas. They are a pioneering outdoor company renowned for innovation and technical excellence in climbing gear since 2003. They are committed to enhancing outdoor experiences. Their ultralight products empower adventurers to push limits.

Other Tents

Kilimanjaro dining tent
Our dining tent

private toilet tents
Our toilet tents

Beyond sleeping quarters, our Kailas Dining Tent serves as a hub for meals, briefings, and daily health checks.

Additionally, we rent private toilet tents to provide added convenience.

Marangu Route

Venturing up the Marangu Route dubbed the Coca-Cola or Tourist Route, offers a different experience. As the oldest and one of the most popular routes, it features hut accommodations.

Mandara and Kibo Huts house 60 bunk beds at designated campsites each, while Horombo Hut boasts 120. Your operator should provide mattresses and pillows, though a sleeping bag is still essential.

Marangu Huts
What other companies tell you the huts are like.

reality in the huts
Hut reality

Given the popularity of this route and the potential noise in the huts, we offer Marangu climbs exclusively as private expeditions. This ensures a quieter, more personalized experience.

Hotel Accommodations

When you are not on Kilimanjaro, the two lodges we use in Arusha are Planet Lodge and the Venus Hotel.

Planet Lodge in Arusha, Tanzania, offers comfortable accommodations in a serene setting surrounded by lush gardens. The lodge provides a variety of rooms, suites, and cottages equipped with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy delicious meals at the on-site restaurant and unwind at the bar/lounge or swimming pool. Planet Lodge is committed to sustainability with eco-friendly initiatives such as energy-efficient practices and waste management programs. The lodge also offers activities and excursions including guided nature walks, cultural tours, and safari adventures to nearby national parks. With its convenient location and focus on eco-friendly hospitality, Planet Lodge provides a memorable stay in Arusha.

Arusha Accommodations
Arusha Accommodations

Venus Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania, offers a luxurious and convenient stay for travelers. Located in the city’s heart, it provides easy access to shops, restaurants, and cultural sites. The hotel features stylish rooms and suites with modern amenities, a restaurant serving local and international cuisine, a cozy bar/lounge, a fitness center, and conference facilities. Venus Hotel provides a comfortable retreat in Arusha, whether for business or leisure.

Final Thoughts

Comfort is paramount during your Kilimanjaro ascent. With days of strenuous climbing, adequate rest is crucial. Choose an operator that prioritizes your well-being with quality tents and ensures a safe, comfortable climb. It’s not just about the money but a successful, enjoyable journey.

Are you ready to book your trip of a lifetime?

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