Where Do You Sleep On Kilimanjaro?

We will assume you have been doing your research for climbing Kilimanjaro and you are pretty sure that you’ll be in a tent on Kilimanjaro. Yet, that isn’t always the case.

There are actually two places you’ll sleep while on Kilimanjaro depending on the route you choose.


Where Do I Sleep On Kilimanjaro
Yes, you were correct in your assumption that you’ll be sleeping in a tent. Our tents are Kailas 4-person all-season tents that were designed to withstand the harsh environment of Mount Everest. Since Kilimanjaro is not nearly as extreme as Everest, you’ll be warm and dry in our tents and not have to worry about being miserable.

If you watched the Netflix movie 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible, The tents we provide are the same tents used by Nirmal Purja one his epic adventure. See more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/14_Peaks:_Nothing_Is_Impossible

The tents have screens over the windows so you can open the windows to allow airflow, but keep out the bugs.

Also, the tents are engineered to wick moisture from the sleeping area into the vestibule to keep you comfortable and dry.

kilimanjaro tents

If you choose a single supplement, you’ll be in a little smaller tent. But rest assured, you’ll still be warm and cozy with plenty of room for gear. You also still have a vestibule to wash up and place wet and dirty gear.


Kailas is a climbing apparel and equipment company founded in China, in 2003, widely recognized as the most innovative and technical outdoor company in China. We are committed to providing outdoor enthusiasts with ultralight products that help them climb higher, run faster, and trek further. You can see more of their products here: https://kailasgear.com

Furthermore, not only will you be sleeping in tents, but you’ll also be eating, and receiving your trip briefing and daily health checks in our Kailas Dining Tent. If you choose to rent our private toilet tent then you’ll also use our toilet tents to do your business.

Watch the videos below to see our tents.

Okay, so tents are the usual way you’ll sleep while climbing Kilimanjaro, but what is the other way?

Marangu Route

If you choose the Marangu Route, also known as the Coca-Cola Route or Tourist Route, you’ll sleep another way.

Marangu is the oldest route on Kilimanjaro and is also one of the most popular. This is because it is the only route on the mountain that has hut accommodation for hikers.

sleep on Kilimanjaro

The huts are at designated campsites. The Mandara and Kibo Huts each have 60 bunk beds. Horombo Hut has 120 bunk beds.

If you choose this route your operator should provide mattresses and pillows for climbers. You’ll still need to bring or rent a sleeping bag.

We offer the Marangu route as a private climb only. This is for a couple of reasons. One, you go up and down the mountain on the same route so it is crowded. And two, the huts can get noisy. If you are a light sleeper, we suggest earplugs or another route. If you book a private climb, you can potentially go on an off day to the crowds so the noise won’t be as bad.

Final Thoughts

Comfort matters when it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro. You’ll be on your feet ascending the mountain for several days, the last thing you want is to sleep poorly and not recover from the day. The company you choose to climb with needs to make sure your tents are in great shape, will keep you warm and dry, and allow you ample time to sleep each night. Don’t choose an operator based on money, choose one that wants you to have a successful climb and to do it safely and as comfortably as possible.

Are you ready to book your trip of a lifetime?

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