Women’s Kilimanjaro Packing Guide

Women’s Kilimanjaro Packing Guide

Women's gear list for Kilimanjaro
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Packing for Kilimanjaro is a serious task. Weight is the most important limitation as many airlines will tack on fees for overweight luggage (be sure to check your airline’s luggage policy). More importantly: Porters are limited to carrying no more than 15 kilograms (33 lbs.) so you’ll have to either carry any excess items in your day pack or sacrifice some things, but this is more than enough if you pack properly. Conversely, if you don’t pack enough you run the risk of being too cold/hot, wet, or extra stinky and dirty the whole time. How much and what you pack depends entirely on your tolerance to cold temperatures, the time of year you climb, how much dirt and sweat you can abide by before the need to wash overwhelms you, and hiking comfort preferences.

A few notes on the most important items for my women’s Kilimanjaro packing guide include:

Hiking Boots

Women's boots for Kilimanjaro

Hiking boots should fit well and be broken in before beginning your climb. Make sure they have enough room for thick/multiple pairs of socks. I recommend boots over lower shoes since you may encounter mud and snow.

Camp Shoes or Slippers

Slippers for Kilimanjaro

At the end of the day, all you want to do is take off your shoes and let your feet breathe. I opted to bring warm slippers, but slides could work well if you don’t mind the cold. Otherwise, a pair of comfy sneakers will allow you to explore the camps unhindered.

Hiking Pants

Women's pants for Kilimanjaro

I opted to bring one pair of durable leggings and one pair of regular trekking pants. Convertible pants are also a great option for adding versatility. My personal favorites are the Fjallraven Trail Tights and prAna Halle Pant.
** If you’re on a budget REI Used and Steep and Cheap often have these for a fraction of the cost.

Sports bras

Sports bra for Kilimanjaro

It’s recommended to bring 1 looser bra for summit night. Some people experience shortness of breath and a looser bra will make it a little less constricting.


women's underwear for Kilimanjaro

I left a big range for underwear because I prefer clean underwear every day. However, I was able to wash and dry mine a few times early in the trip. But getting them dry is never guaranteed. For this reason, wool or anti-microbial underwear is recommended.

Buff/balaclavaBalaclava for Kilimanjaro

One lightweight, UV protection buff is great for the warmer zones and can be raised to protect from dust. A fleece/wool buff or balaclava is optional for summit night where you’ll encounter some bitter temperatures.


Women's socks for Kilimanjaro

My personal recommendation is to bring a variety of sock weights. I prefer to use medium weight and bring some wool sock liners for added warmth on cold days and summit nights. I had a separate pair of thick socks for camp and sleeping.

In Conclusion

Packing for a Kilimanjaro climb requires careful consideration of weight limitations, climate conditions, and personal preferences. It is essential to pack efficiently to ensure that porters do not carry too much. While weight is a crucial factor, it is equally important to strike a balance between being adequately prepared and not overpacking. Ultimately, the items to pack depend on personal preferences, tolerance to cold temperatures, and comfort requirements. By considering these factors and following my guidelines for women’s Kilimanjaro packing guide, women embarking on a Kilimanjaro adventure can ensure they have the necessary essentials for a successful and enjoyable climb.

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